What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

Don’t be in a hurry while choosing a web hosting plan for your website. You need to think about various factors for that. One of the important factors is bandwidth usage. You should choose sufficient, right bandwidth for according to needs otherwise, you will face issues of underperforming website & additional cost also.

Now, What is Bandwidth? How much bandwidth is required for you?

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting

What is Bandwidth?

In Simple language, website bandwidth is the amount of data and level of traffic that could transfer between your website, users and the internet.

For site owners looking for a web hosting, more bandwidth can serve as a good indicator of these host’s factors:

  •  Speed
  • Network
  • Connectivity
  • Systems

Calculation of Bandwidth:

There is a formula of how much bandwidth you need? It varies on these two factors;

  • Your site does not allow downloads
  • Your site allows downloads

If your site does not download, then the formula is:

Bandwidth needed = Average Page Views x Average Page Size x Average Daily Visitors x Number of days in a month x Tolerance number

If you do allow downloads from your website, the formula will give you the idea about how much bandwidth do you need.

Bandwidth Needed = {(Average Page Views x Average Page Size x Average Daily Visitors) + (Average File Download per day x Average File Size)}x Number of days in a month x Tolerance number

  • Average Daily Visitors: The total number of monthly visitors/ 30
  • Average Page Size: The average size of your web page in kb
  • Average Page Views: The average page viewed per visitors
  • Average File Download per day: The average number of file download per day
  • Average File Size: The total file size divided by the number of files
  • Tolerance number: A safety factor ranged from 1.3 – 1.8. Using 1.5 would be safe

Importance of Bandwidth in High Traffic Sites:

Traffic is an important factor while choosing a bandwidth plan. The more space and bandwidth you have, the more people can visit your site at the same time. You can provide a good user experience without compromising with the load time. If the number of visitors spikes, you need sufficient storage space to assure consistency in your website performance.

Importance of Web Design in Bandwidth:

If you have a complicated website design, whenever someone visits your sites, the more bandwidth will be used. Light, simple, professional web design can enhance web performance in terms provide smooth user experience, fast loading to the users.

How can I reduce bandwidth usage?

There are various ways of reducing usages of bandwidth.

  • Make your code & CSS clean
  • Reduce website size
  • Compress heavy images

So, How much bandwidth I need?

This depends upon various parameters as we mentioned in this article. Amount of data transfer, visitors day are one of the important factors. We also have the formula to get an estimate about how much bandwidth we need. After getting an estimate from that, you can compare those plans from various web hosting service providers.

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